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Kolkata is historically known as a cultural city, priding herself with rich traditions in music, art, painting and literature. Yet being a city of early twenty first century, she has to cope with globalization, new ethical and fashion change and of course Gen Y. Thus the food court; which acts as a leisure place for these people who belong to this century, use foreign brands and gadgets in their households, use new phrases that are mixture of languages but at the same time remains in a very traditional, cultural families, enjoys Durga Puja and loves football. 

So it was decided to go for a fusion of tradition and modernity, the food court acts as a backdrop where East meets West and continues in unison, each trait reinforcing other rather than creating conflict.


The Facade...
Food Court The walls were hand painted with the hybrid style devised for this project somewhat remin
The Inside...
Food Court  Interior
The Chequered Floor
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