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The Sea Scape Diary,

Sinclairs Bayview,Port Blair

Congeries of tropical fronds that flank along the deep blue shores, fresh-showered each morning with honey-dew, from coasting slopes to the craggy midland hills, through emerald glades and cultured valleys, from limestone caves to silver beaches, virtually define the resplendent variety of natural diversity that characterizes Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Every year thousands of awestruck tourists and travelers swarm across the Bay of Bengal to sulk in this idyllic verdant topography.

Sitting amidst a long chain of tropical volcanic islands, the island of South Andaman houses its biggest city, port and capital, Port Blair. It is in this city, the resort is located along a rocky cliff, at some meters above the shoreline.

The Sea Scape elements
Reception Lobby
Building across the lawn
Lounge Area
The Deck
Custom made Lights
The Fish Light
Conferance Hall
The Gym
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