The Firm


SQUARE is an architectural design consultancy which provides architectural , interior and landscape design solution to hospitality, corporate and commercial  projects.  It provides customized and complete design solutions to fit the individual project requirement which includes concept design,space planning , presentation and working drawings, simulations, budgeting and design supervision.

Essentially Square is a studio based strong idea firm that loves to tackle design problems and provide innovative solutions as per the Client’s requirement.

The design portfolio mainly consists of hospitality and corporate interiors with the overlapping architecture and landscape solutions. Using the latest technologies and combing the local context and materials, Square strives to look for a value creation that can seamlessly connect the designed spaces to the users. With collaborative cooperation from experts in structural, MEP and graphic design Square looks to create an environment in which the designed spaces are structurally, functionally and aesthetically well served.  


The Philosophy 


“Inspired Design for people”


Square believes in solving the unique one-of-a-kind problems for its Clients. In the age of unabated modularization and commercialization often the need and utility of tailor made design is underrated. But every design problem comes with their own set of baggage and requires both innovative and pragmatic approach to reach a rational solution. Using the latest software and technical knowhow , Square strives to deliver the optimal solution to its clients.  












Subhrajit.G.Mitra and Ranit Maiti completed their Bachelor degree in architecture (2006) and Masters degree in Urban Design (2008) from Jadavpur University. They founded an architecture consultancy firm Square Consultancy Services in September 2008 .   Winners of numerous awards and accolades including IIID,IA&Byoung designer,AICA , their works focus mainly on the combination of contemporary and anachronistic design style.